Geomorphology & Quaternary geology - journal publications and books:

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Subsurface geology - publications:

NEW Jong, M.G.G. De, Donselaar, M.E., Boerboom, H.T.W., Van Toorenenburg, K.A., Weltje, G.J. and Van Borren, L., 2020, Longe-range, high-resolution stratigraphic correlation of Rotliegend fluvial-fan deposits in the central Dutch offshore. Marine and Petroleum Geology 119, 1-13. Contact

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NEW Weijermans, P.-J., Huibregtse, P., Arts, R., Benedictus, T., Jong, M.G.G. De, Hazebelt, W., Vernain-Perriot, V., Most, M. van der, 2019, Integrated Reservoir Characterization and SImulation to Optimize Recovery from a Mature Carboniferous North Sea Gas Field with Water Influx. SPE-196730-MS. Contact

Recent Conference papers:

Jong, M.G.G. De, Donselaar, M.E., Boerboom, H.T.W., Van Toorenenburg, K.A., Weltje, G.J., Van Borren, L., 2017, High-Resolution Reservoir Architecture Modelling of Thin-bedded Fluvial Terminal-splay Sandstone in the Rotliegend Feather-edge Area, 9th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2017, Paris, France, pp. 1–5.

Donselaar, M.E., Jong, M.G.G. De, Boerboom, H.T.W., Van Toorenenburg, K.A., Weltje, G.J., Van Borren, L., 2017, Reservoir potential of thin-bedded fluvial terminal-splay sandstone at the interface with the endorheic Silverpit lake, Rotliegend, offshore The Netherlands, 11th International Conference on Fluvial Sedimentology, Calgary, Canada, pp. 1–1.

Sterk, H.P., Seijmonsbergen, A.C., Jong, M.G.G., & van Loon, E.E., 2016, Progress in digital mapping of shallow mass movements by using a combination of orthophotos, LiDAR- and UAV-derived information. 319. Abstract from GeoTirol 2016, Innsbruck, Austria.

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